MoJ confirms independent regulator with register regulated through commercial agreement

14th April 2021

The Ministry of Justice confirmed it has an ‘independent regulator’ for its own national register of ‘language professionals’ and confirmed that this ‘register’ is regulated through a commercial agreement with the independent quality assurance provider, The Language Shop, against the standards set out in the Lot 4 contract.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed it is the responsibility of their contracted language service providers to manage the disciplinary and professional conduct hearings of the regulatory function.

MoJ claims the “suite of contractual measures provide us with the necessary assurances that there are not wholesale issues with the service” and “we are not planning any significant change to our current quality measures and qualifications matrix”, adding “we do not have any evidence that our existing quality measures are routinely failing, and we are content we have the measures in place with The Language Shop which enable us to assure the quality of service is a proportionate manner.”